The weight loss business is a booming industry. Over $40 billion is spent per year on all type of products and weight loss programs, including diet foods and drinks. The sad fact is though that 95% of the people who goes on some type of diet will gain all the weight back again.

The aim of BYC (Burn Your Calorie) is to look at issues affecting your weight loss goals and to provide solutions that can hopefully solve your problems. You fill also find healthy eating, low fat recipes, weight loss tools and learn about nutritional requirements to promote optimal health and wellness.

Please feel free to bookmark this website as the weight loss tools and low fat recipes is still currently being worked on. We hope to bring you these 2 exciting tools very soon!

Weight Loss With Moz – FAQs

Will I lose weight after 4 weeks with this exercise plan?
I run 20 minutes then walk 10 minutes everyday. I’ve been doing this for about a week now…

Can anyone tell me how to get off this plateau?
Well, I’ve hit it. The horrid plateau everyone warned me about. I have five exercise tapes: aerobics walk away the pounds, two Pilate’s tapes, and yoga…

Latest Weight Loss Articles

Weight Loss

Quick Cook – Low Fat Recipes

This Cookbook is designed to help you plan easy economical meals, which are high in nutrition, but low in fats and sugars. The recipes are suitable for the whole family, for entertaining or meals for one.

Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins are organic substances that the body requires in small amounts for metabolism but is unable to make for itself, at least in sufficient quantities.

Nutritionally balanced diet

There are so many fad weight loss diets on the market today. So which diet constitutes a well balanced one? Each day our bodies require nutrients derived from the major food groups, plus vitamins and minerals and co-enzymes, and of course, water. For a well balanced diet, we need to look at these nutrients.

Dealing with food cravings

A lot has been written about food cravings and it is a complex issue. A craving for a particular food is one of the most common and intense food experiences. Food cravings are not necessarily always based only on taste but can be the body’s way of satisfying a nutritional deficiency or counteracting mild depression.