Choosing Fast Foods

Choosing Fast Foods

The Do’s and Don’ts of fast foods

First Rule: Stop Running and take your time!

“You have the right to choose healthy foods. Hunt down local outlets that can supply you with enjoyable foods prepared in a healthy way”.

Fast Foods

Sandwiches & Rolls
Better Choices: Tuna or egg with plenty of salad on wholemeal or rye bread.
Avoid: Salami, schnitzel, mayonnaise, cheese, salmon, meat, chicken.

Better Choices: BBQ Chickens (remove skins)
Avoid: Deep fried chicken, chicken nuggets, chicken rolls, chips, corn cobs.

Better Choices: Meat pattie without the roll with lots of salad or a veggie burger.
Avoid: “The Lot” – especially fried eggs, onion & bacon.

Choosing Fast FoodsPizza
Better Choices: Vegetable or seafood toppings, no cheese.
Avoid: Double meat, extra cheese, salami and other sausage, bacon.

Hot Dogs, Pies
Better Choices: Vegetable pastie
Avoid: Filled croissants, onion rings, sausage rolls, chicko and spring rolls, battered hot dogs, meat pies.

Better Choices: Steamed rice, vegetable and seafood, steamed dim sims, soups.
Avoid: Fried rice, battered dishes, duck, fried dim sims.

Better Choices: Souvlaki, kebabs, cabbage rolls, salads, flat bread and hummus, cucumber dip.
Avoid: Any fried foods

Better Choices: Tacos, burritos (not pre-packaged) enchiladas (all with salads). Note, even these are high in fat.
Avoid: Dishes with sour cream, eg: Nachos.

Better Choices: Baked potato with coleslaw, baked beans (with a minimum of sour cream or cheese).
Avoid: Potato cakes, chips, crisps

Better Choices: Plain grilled fish (add salad at home). If buying grilled fish, ask that it be cooked without adding any oil.
Avoid: Fried, battered or crumbed fish, crab sticks, calamari rings, chips or potato cakes.

Cakes & Pastries
Better Choices: Fruit muffins, plain cake, fruit breads.
Avoid: Cream cakes, doughnuts, iced cakes & biscuits.